Get to know us.

Silicon Bay's  success was founded on the belief that quality is a goal realized not just by employing exacting standards of craftsmanship but by running a project efficiently. Doing so requires an ardent commitment to the vision of the architect, designer and client, a strict adherence to budget and schedule and the careful selection and coordination of talented subcontractors.   Our leadership is educated in innovative project management and highly experienced in building custom residential construction of the highest quality.

Silicon Bay was founded by developer and financier Christian Salceda in 2005. Our team has been working together for a decade, and collectively, we have 60 years of experience in building and development. We have worked with some of the biggest names and most notable properties in the city ranging in construction costs of $1 million to $100 million. The Silicon Bay team understands what it means to build a dream home and we honor the communication, collaboration, and trust that goes into it.



Christian Salceda

Founder & CEO

Christian has spent his career in Real Estate finance and has a long track record of establishing and growing successful businesses. His experience spearheading a construction lending firm gave him an in-depth understanding of project valuations from land, entitlement risk and soft and hard cost efficiencies. With this expertise, Christian can easily assess the viability of a project budget and, in turn, establish reasonable expectations for the project. This perspective is unique among construction firms giving Silicon Bay clients assurance others cannot offer.


Ryan Schlee


Ryan is a graduate of California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo and holds a Bachelor’s in Urban Planning and Development with a Minor in Construction Management & Real Property Development. Before joining Silicon Bay, he worked in Project Management for two of the most prominent luxury residential construction firms working in Los Angeles where he managed sophisticated projects in BelAir, Beverly Hills and some of the Westside's most desired neighborhoods. In his years in in high-end building, Ryan worked noted architects and designers with exacting standards for the highest quality.